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At Spectrum Seed Solutions™, our non-GMO premium corn genetics are designed for yield, with no compromise for standability or drydown. Products are carefully chosen to match trait rotation systems, IRM refuge areas, and premium markets. You’ll see the benefit of leading genetics when compared to other hybrids on your farm – with or without traits. Learn More ...

Breeding Stock

A broad source of genetic resources and research locations are utilized in an effort to discover leading products.


Proprietary corn technology pipeline focuses on top-end yield, pest tolerance, and hybrid stabilization through unique genetic mechanisms.


The combination of fair pricing and unrestricted selection of premium genetics aim to maximize on-farm profits.

Fast drying

Featured hybrids are chosen for the ability to dry quickly and maintain top-end yield potential.

On Farm Trials

"Real-world" data supports introduction of new hybrids and gives farmers confidence "going-to-the-field."

Proprietary Research

In-house breeding investment ensures a reliable supply of high-yielding hybrids into the future.

Root structure

Hybrids with enhanced root development promote uptake of water and nutrients, and support late-season root strength.

Stand establishment

Superior seedling vigor and advanced seed treatments maximize healthy plants and ear counts.

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